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January 2018

Happy New Year! Thank you customers for making 2017 the best year ever!


To maintain my sanity, get caught up on backorders, add new product, fix some of my own games, and do a long list of personal items I've neglected, I will be only selling boards and kits and a handful of other items. This will be starting "soon" and possibly go on for weeks.

1/16/2018: New Sound Board Capacitor Repair Kit for Williams System 11A-C pinball machines listed today, thanks for a few customer's input. As work is being done to improve the web site, this is currently only available on eBay. Again the Rottendog WDP3211A power supply out of stock. Expected late January.

1/10/2018: I realized that I set aside two Rottendog WDP3211A power supply boards for my own projects that I won't get to soon, so until those sell I have two in stock. I am also working on a stack of original boards to rebuild and will have them available in the Used Williams Boards section. Initially I will have the System 3-6 ones then 7-11A. Please note as of today, Rottendog is *not* supporting System 7 games on their MPU327 and I have temporarily halted selling them as I find the time to test what I have in stock. Please contact me if you have questions or input.

1/5/2018: Please note that it just came to light that version 3 of the MPU327 that fixes reported issues mainly with Black Knight still has issues on some games. Another fix is in the works. Since I do not get reports of what games these are being used in, it's tough to know a percentage. 

1/3/2018: Rottendog WDP3211A power supply out of stock. Expected late January.

1/1/2018: Please note: Low stock alert on the Rottendog WDP3211A power supply and a 3-4 week timeline for getting more. As of today I have two (2) in stock. Based on sales history I'll be out of stock by the end of this week.

December 2017

December is again proving to be one of the busiest months of the year. Please keep that in mind when you are ordering and pick Priority when checking out if you need something quick!! If you don't, please don't ask to get to the head of the line. In my world, getting an email that says "Please ship ASAP" or any of a million variants is very frustrating, so just please... just don't! Read the FAQs on shipping please.

12/27/2017: The USPS is increasing postage, again, effective Jan 21st. Out of the approximately 180 price changes, there are a mere 5 decreases with a maximum savings of 30 cents, while the rest are increases up to $2.46. Based on how I usually ship, I will be increasing US shipping costs by a buck. International rates are not affected and will not be increased. To compensate for the lag, I will be raising the rates around Jan 15th.

12/21/2017: As of end of business today, happy to report that there's only a handful of orders to process.

12/15/2017: Please note our Holiday Schedule: Like prior years, we like to stay home for the holidays, and thus don't do a hard shut down like some companies. We will be shipping most every day except the actual Christmas and New Years Eve/Day. They are postal holidays anyway. As of today, there's only a dozen orders to ship and most of those will go tomorrow.

November 2017

11/22/2017: Happy Thanksgiving from Big Daddy Enterpises to you! Play some pinball, eat, drink, relax and have fun. Please note that we will NOT be closing for the holiday, but will only be shipping Priority, Express, eBay and "easy" orders as I simply feel like it. As of 2PM today most orders received up until Monday, have shipped but as usual there's a few stragglers.

11/22/2017: Wow, too busy to take the time to put updates up, but there's lots going on in the background. New Williams System 6-7 (Type 2) sound board kit in stock as well as some rebuilt Williams Type 2 sound boards available, one Gottlieb System 1 harness is in stock, New Bally -35 MPU board for those that like the original looks, PinPoint Solenoid Expander boards back in stock.

September 2017

9/23/2017: After more than 7 months, Rottendog DIS240 in Blue is back in stock!

9/8/2017: Please be aware that Rottendog's location is in Florida and hurricane Irma *will* affect obtaining future inventory!! * Until it passes it's unknown how much of an impact this will be, I will as always warn of low or out of stock situations. (* It didn't really much)

9/1/2017: We are closed for the Labor Day weekend and will resume mailing on Tuesday.

August 2017


  • Rottendog has finally fixed the MPU327 problem and all boards in stock are the new version.
  • My broken bones are healing nicely and I'm back up to speed with few exceptions.
  • I will soon have 2 or 3 nicely repaired original System 11 MPU boards for High Speed and others available in the Used Williams Boards section.

July 2017


  • Thanks to those asking about my foot and sending good wishes, I am having no problems getting around, just takes longer. EVERYTHING takes longer!
  • Stock alert: Rottendog DMD004s, SDB004s and DIS326s are back in stock.
  • I recently purchased 20+ boxes full of misc boards from two operators and am sorting through them, but notably have Bally -32 and -50 Sound boards back in stock.

  • 7/18/2017: Good weather and having a good brace, I'm able to stay up to date on orders, thanks to those that had patience. The 2nd x-ray showed I should not need surgery and it is healing, but I'm still a peg-leg for 2 more weeks which makes my whole process slow.

7/12/2017: Well it sucks getting older! This happened Saturday and I am extremely limited on how I can move around. Ironically, and fortunately my wife just went through the same thing, even on the same foot, so we have the equipment to get around and knowledge to hopefully heal properly. It's possible I might have to have surgery, but for a week I cannot put any weight on it. You can imagine this puts a cramp on how fast I can pull, pack and ship items, and as my wife is a corporate worker, she can only help before and after she's at work. For now, eBay sales are turned off, and there may be some delays shipping some items if I have to build up kits or test boards. Patience while I heal is appreciated.

June 2017

6/30/2017: Please be aware of the calender, July 4th is on a Tuesday this year (no mail service), and while the average outstanding order is less than 2 days old, I will not get all orders out before Monday as we are taking a few days off to travel and spend time with family, leaving today around noon. Any Priority and Express orders received have been filled. Enjoy your 4th and stay safe!


  • May/June/July are my slower months and has given me time to work on adding more kits and inventory, added & announced soon.
  • I have (1) Bally -32 Sound board in stock and (1) Bally -50 Sound board for KISS, and then I'm out until I become more of an expert.
  • Rottendog is having issues with the DMD004 due a few weeks ago. They are also having issues with the SDB004 and my stock is down to (1).



May 2017


  • Only (1) Rottendog MPU011A Williams System 11 MPU board left in stock!!
  • Please be aware that I am very busy these next 2 weeks preparing for a pinball tournament/party and may be a little slower filling orders than normal. Today (Sunday), I have almost 30 open orders and am doing my best to catch up. Temporarily I've raised the minimum order to $100.


  • Stock Alert!!!! I have only (2) of the Rottendog MPU011A Williams System 11 MPU boards. The problem is the daughtercard and I am told that it is a month out, and historically that means months.
  • I have one Bally KISS sound board refurbished and back in stock.
April 2017



4/19/2017: Rottendog DIS021 Bally display and DMD004 DMD board are out of stock and getting low on Bally -18 power supply BPS018 and one DIS089 display left.


4/13/2017: After two+ years of sitting on stock, I am finally adding XPin products to the site. Currently most of the XPin power supplies are now active and available for purchase, as time allows I will add more. Up next are Williams display boards and colored LED DMDs.

March 2017


  • All orders received while on vacation and through the weekend have been processed and sent.
  • Today, as of close of business, the *average* outstanding order is less than 1 day old.
  • International postage cost went up today $1-$2 in most cases to cover the fee increase charged by PayPal.
  • I have a few Bally -32 and -50 sound boards back in stock and will have Bally Squawk & Talk boards available soon!

3/26/2017: Back a bit earlier and will be back on track tomorrow.

3/22/2017: We are closed for a short trip, back to mailing on Monday 3/27th.

3/21/2017: As of close of business tonight at 10:57PM, only one order from today remains, all other have been sent.

  • I've found another reel of the .156BI crimps used on System 80 harnesses, get them while you can.
  • Out of Stock of the "History of Pinball on DVD", looking in to restocking but wasn't a big seller.

3/20/2017: While I'm not far behind on orders, as of close of business today the average order is less than 1 day old, a flurry of orders over the weekend and today are likely going to have me leaving town with unfilled orders and for that I apologize. Doing my best!

3/16/2017: Today, as of close of business, the *average* outstanding order is just 1 day old. Please note Big Daddy Enterprises will be closed March 23rd-27th, attending the Texas Pinball Festival.

Reminder: INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE! Effective March 29th, PayPal is increasing fees by 0.5%, and due to that all S/H will increase to cover the costs. Order early to avoid the fee increase.

February 2017

2/24/2017: Please note there have been some reported problems lately with Rottendog's MPU327-2 (version 2) not working in Black Knight. Symptoms are no background sounds and no 2nd ball. Until this is resolved, I do not recommend ordering. Out of stock of Gottlieb FLIPPP! System 1 MPU & System 1 sound boards, and Rottendog DIS240 in Blue. Rottendog MPU080 MPU board for Gottlieb System 80 games back in stock Tuesday. As of noon today, the average outstanding order is 1.38 days.

2/18/2017: Today, for the first time in about six months, I am 100% caught up with no outstanding orders to fill. That will likely change in a few minutes, however since it's past 4:30, I am going to shut down and go play some pinball.

2/17/2017: Today, as of close of business, the *average* outstanding order is 1.88 days old, but the good news is by end of day tomorrow I believe I will be 100% caught up and can spend some time adding some new product. Please note Monday is a mail holiday, orders coming in past noon Saturday will not go out until Tuesday.

2/16/2017: Today, as of close of business, the *average* outstanding order is 1.50 days old.

2/15/2017: Free Stuff is going through some changes, stay tuned! Today, as of close of business, the *average* outstanding order is 1.14 days old. Trying my best to keep up.

2/14/2017: Out of stock Gottlieb FLIPPP! System 1 Sound board. Today, as of close of business, the *average* outstanding order is 1.87 days old.

2/13/2017: Today, as of close of business, the *average* outstanding order is 1.75 days old.


  • Stock alerts: Rottendog DIS079 displays are back in stock. I am down to one Gottlieb FLIPPP! System 1 MPU. Out of stock of XPIN 7Volution in orange.
  • Today the *average* outstanding order is 2.85 days old.
  • INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE! Effective March 29th, PayPal is increasing fees by 0.5%, and due to that all S/H will increase to cover the costs. Order early to avoid the fee increase.
January 2017


  • I came across (21) more arcade leaf switches SW-LEAF-2.
  • I also came across (1) more roll of Kester solder, the "good stuff"!
  • Someone cleared me out of Gottlieb six digit glass, will hunt for more.
  • Out of stock of Rottendog DIS079 and MPU080, estimated to be back in stock mid February.
  • Out of stock of the 2016 Mr. Pinball price guide, may get more. New 2017 due in February.
  • I am out of stock of 16 and 40 pin machine DIP sockets. Kits with them listed will include leaf style.
  • Postage increased on Monday, and I will likely be increasing S/H costs as I learn the changes.

1/18/2017: There is a LOT going on this month, but I have just been too busy to make changes & add product. Thanks to everyone for my best month December, and best year ever!!! After a much too long absence, Rottendog DIS200 in Blue and Red are back in stock. Green will NO LONGER BE MADE, and limited to stock of 4. Order if you want them. Looks GREAT in Space Station!


December 2016

12/24/2016: Merry Christmas to all, may you stay safe and warm this holiday season! As of 1PM today, mail has been picked up and no more will be sent until Tuesday. Rottendog MPU327s are back in stock. I am down to (1) Twilight Zone Proximity sensor boards.

12/22/2016: As of last night *all* Priority orders have been sent, but we are still working on orders placed earlier this week. If you ordered today, do not expect it by Christmas, and Monday is a mail holiday. I suggest you pick Priority if you want to try and get it quicker as I may not be filling any orders except Priority as the days close in on Christmas.

Please note the State of MO is raising sales tax 0.25% effective Jan 1st.

12/17/2016: Down to one Rottendog MPU327, more due Tuesday next week. Please NOTE!!! We are having some extreme weather and packages may be delayed. UPS delayed Friday and I was counting on a stock order. Mail is late and I would not be surprised if packages do not make it out of my area until Monday.
12/12/2016: You'd think this goes without saying, but if you did not buy from me, don't ask me for support!! Please note: Big Daddy will be taking a few days off here and there between now and the New Year, and that there is no postal service Dec 25th-26th or Jan 1st-2nd. Priority and Express orders will be first in line.
12/09/2016: Only (2) Twilight Zone Proximity sensor boards and (3) PinPoint Flash Gordon Strobe boards left.
12/08/2016: PinPoint Flash Gordon Strobe boards & Twilight Zone Proximity sensor boards back in stock. Limited to (5) each, will update as they sell.


November 2016


Please note that Big Daddy will NOT be closing for Thanksgiving, however there is no mail service, and I will only ship Priority and Express orders over the holiday weekend.

11/22/2016: After a bit of hunting, CEN-U45 SCRs are back in stock. This means, when I find time, all Gottlieb System 1 and System 80 kits that includes one will be back in stock also.
11/22/2016: New 1,500uf axial capacitor added today as found on some Stern sound boards.
11/18/2016: Two new relays added today as well as used Bally relays back in stock.
11/17/2015: XPIN Power Supply Boards page added today starting with their XP-GTLB-SYS80 Gottlieb System 80 P/S. A few Gottlieb System 1 driver kits are still in stock. Get before the price goes up!
11/14/2016: Clean used clear covers for Bally & Stern power supplies in stock.
11/13/2016: Some Christmas items added today, starting with a Christmas Tree pinball machine ornament. More added as I find time.
11/12/2016: Rebuild your Stern VSU-100 speech boards with a new cap kit!
11/11/2016: In stock 0.047uf 50Volt poly metal cap (axial).
11/10/2016: Used Gottlieb System 1 & System 80 4-digit credit display boards available.
11/09/2016: Now active are two pages with used Bally boards and used Gottlieb boards, starting with Bally sound cards and Gottlieb 6 digit displays. * Note
11/08/2016: Bally/Stern Safety/Dust Covers for the displays added today.
11/07/2016: Limited number of Gottlieb 4-digit credit display glass now in stock.
11/06/2016: Added a new 3300uf/35V axial cap today. What excitement!
11/05/2016: Finally!! New XPIN 7 digit displays for Bally Stern 6 digit games are online. Limited stock.
11/04/2016: Classic 9/16" leg bolts for both older Bally and Stern solid state games now available for sale.
11/03/2016: New in stock today, classic Stern drop targets aka "tombstone style".
11/02/2016: New Rottendog type one flipper board FLP007
11/01/2016: New product in stock today, plastic coins mechs at an economy price.


*Note: Will add more as I find time to gather and fix. I have over 1000 used boards in stock, please email me if you have a request.


October 2016

10/27/2016: New economy version of the popular Bally Solenoid driver board cap kit is now available.
New Bally -18/Stern TA-100 power supply connector kit with header pins now available.
After a bit of a delay, Pascal Janin's FLIPPP! boards for Gottlieb System 1 pinball machines are back in stock.
Now stocking full Flipper Rebuild Kits for most games made between 1969 and 1999!

10/21/2016: Added some new caps today, if this is the most exciting thing you've read please check out REDDIT.

10/18/2016: Now available, Williams System 11B-11C Power Supply Capacitor Kit.

10/15/2016: Rottendog GPS081 and DIS200 are back in stock. Bally -54 P/S Connector kits back in stock.

10/12/2016: Please note that PayPal has made a change that does NOT show me method of shipping picked, only showing the amount. That fact has caused me to miss some Priority orders and I apologize for those that didn't get out as quick as they maybe should have. Now that I am aware of it, there should not be a problem.

10/01/2016: Bally -18 Power Supply board kits, Solenoid Driver board connector kits and Display Driver board kits are back in stock.

Stern coin door decals are out of stock and I am looking for a new provider.


September 2016

9/28/2016: Bally Squawk & Talk capacitor kits are built up and back in stock.

9/17/2016: We are back and filling orders as fast as possible. Priority and Express orders will go first, followed by orders as received. All customers are sent an email when an order is completed, and tracking info supplied to PayPal which is automatically emailed to you. Please do not email asking for an update.

9/2/2016: Big Daddy is closed for vacation as of 4PM

9/1/2016: As of 9PM this evening, 100% of orders received have been mailed. Please check your PayPal account for tracking info if you did not get an update. Will be mailing tomorrow with last minute orders if possible. Thanks for your business!!!

August 2016

8/29/2016: Big Daddy will be closed for vacation starting September 3rd through the 18th and will resume sending orders on the 19th. As of today I am on track to ship all orders received to date, but I will update as the week ends.
As usual, Priority orders will get first attention.

8/12/2016: Back in stock Rottendog DIS021s displays for Bally games.

July 2016

07/05/2016: Due to the increasing claims from customers in France, mostly caused by delays in customs, postage has been increased to cover the time, hassle and costs. Patience people, I cannot control the postal system!

June 2016

6/30/2016: Being caught up was short lived, but honestly things are better and at this point I have no timeline on when small parts will be available to order again.

Please note we will be closed for the holiday weekend.

6/29/2016: Rottendog BPS-018 power supply boards and GPS-002 power supply boards are back in stock. Rottendog WDP011C power supply boards back in stock July 8th.

May 2016

5/26/2016: I am happy to state that for the first time in over a year I am 100% caught up, this at 7PM on a Thursday night, time for a beer! With the changes, orders are less complicated and going out quicker. I hope that by the end of the month I'll have flipper rebuild kits, more XPIN products and more Kahr Circuit products added to the site. Also after a very long wait, Rottendog DIS240 displays in Blue are back in stock.

5/6/2016: Categories marked "***" in the left pane are currently being updated and those items are not available to order at this time. As I find the time to update, I will put a notice up here.

5/4/2016: Rottendog MPU089 MPU boards are back in stock. Rottendog WDP011C power supply boards are out of stock.

April 2016

4/21/2016: Mr. Pinball price guides back in stock.

I have one MPU089 coming in about a week, email me to reserve it. More coming but will be a few weeks.

New boards from Kahr circuits are on the site! Reset boards added today, the rest as time allows.

4/14/2016: Wow, the 2016 Mr. Pinball price guide is already sold out and they are also on backorder from the printer. I don't even have a copy for myself! Also Rottendogs's MPU327 has been selling like hotcakes and I have just one in stock today, more are a week out. I'm also now out of stock of the MPU089s and again should have stock in a week. All this and I've not had a chance to change prices.

4/6/2016: If you've ever talked to me in person or in email about how business has increased over the years, you'll understand why I'm making some changes. Two years ago I put in place a $30 minimum order and though the way I had to implement it was crude, it did work. For awhile. The number of orders per day dropped slightly, and I spent too much time answering why shipping was $22,000. After a short period of time I had a new problem, the daily and per order volume nearly doubled. Great problem to be in some would say, but increased volume of any kind doesn't help process orders out faster, and it doesn't give me time to add new items to the site. Some items I've literally had for a decade.

The answer isn't one anyone wants to hear: I'm raising prices and increasing the minimum quantities on small items. With some companies copying my kits and in some cases selling for more than double, I'll still be price competitive. Some of those same companies charge 9 cents for a diode in a 50 pack where I charge 5 cents for one. In some cases I won't be the place to shop, but I hope everyone understands that I have to make it worth my time, and I want to get your order out as fast as possible. A $45 two page order that takes an hour or more to fill because each line item is a 50 cent (10) pack of resistors, diodes or crimp ends is not what I want to spend my time on. This change will be gradual and won't affect all products, the obvious and immediate ones are the small & cheap. Resistors, fuses, crimp ends, diodes, transistors, etc. will be only sold in 5 and 10 packs, sometimes 25. These changes will also let me re-evaluate prices, and I suspect some packs will be cheaper than before. I will also use this opportunity to update the site and add new products. Personally, I'm looking forward to the change. I put in way too many 12 hour days, and I never seem to have time to work on my own games.
As always, I thank you for your business.

March 2016

3/23/2016: The 2016 edition of the Mr. Pinball Price Guide is in stock tomorrow, you may preorder today but please note the minimum $30 order. If guide is all you need email me. The few copies of the 2015 edition have been discounted, and I have a very good copy of the 2007 edition in stock.

3/21/2016: Back from the Texas Pinball Festival which was as great as always. Glad to see all that I did, sorry to miss some I wanted to spend time with, and glad to miss those select few too! Purchased some new stock which will be available in the site shortly. Back to shipping early in the morning and as always, I will send an email and update your order with tracking when I've shipped. Rottendog MPU011A Williams System 11 A/B MPU boards back in stock!

3/16/2016: We are closed for vacation. Mailing orders will resume Monday the 21st.

3/14/2016: Please note Big Daddy Enterprises will be closed for a short vacation from March 17th through the 20th, sending as many packages as we can before we leave and starting back once again on Monday the 21st. I always email when I've sent an order, and updated your PayPal record with tracking. I apologize if I don't get your order out before we leave.

3/02/2016: New items added to the site in no order:

Resistors 0.47ohm 2 watt, 360ohm 1/2 watt, 15ohm 10 watt, 100ohm 15 watt and a variety of chassis mount power resistors
Three new types of heat sinks
ICs 74LS37 &74LS38. LM350K voltage regulator
Sprague 2700uf/25V computer grade capacitors and about a dozen others
New 2-1/4" coil sleeve (used in System 6 & 7 flipper assemblies)

Still no firm date on 2016 Mr. Pinball price guides, however I have 4 more 2015 guides in stock.

February 2016

2/29/2016: Happy Leap Day! Rottendog MPU089 MPU boards are back in stock.

2/20/2016: Happy to announce that Big Daddy now is carrying Pascal Janin's FLIPPP! boards for Gottlieb pinball machines. Currently carrying a limited stock of mostly the System 1 boards, we will expand in the future if there's demand.
Please let us know by dropping us an email.

I'm finally stocking a Bally MPU "corrosion/reset" repair kit, one I should have had from day one!

Rottendog MPU089 MPU boards out of stock.

Only (1) of the 2015 Mr. Pinball Price guides left, 2016 guides still due "late February".

MPU004 Data East MPU boards back in stock.

2/8/2016: Rottendog MPU011A now sold out. I discovered a small stack of 2015 Mr. Pinball Price guides and have them about 10% off.

2/6/2016: Stock alert: I have one and only one Rottendog MPU011A Williams System 11 A/B MPU boards in stock. Rottendog has no estimate, and I am estimating months out. Only (2) MPU089 MPU boards and (1) MPU004 Data East MPU boards left in stock. MPU004s are due next week.


January 2016

1/28/2016: Rottendog DIS200 and DIS240 replacement displays back in stock. New big long fuse holder in stock, some more caps & little stuff added.

1/26/2016: Now free shipping on domestic orders over $300, discounted for International. Stock alert: Rottendog is out of stock on the MPU089 MPU boards and I am down to 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 and I see other vendors out of stock. It is a pretty good seller and I expect to be out of stock soon.

1/15/2016: Rottendog WDP095 WPC driver boards for later WPC games back in stock.

1/11/2016: PLEASE NOTE!!! The US Postal service is raising rates AGAIN and it's going to impact overseas orders substantially. Rates in the US are going up 9% to 16%, but they are whitewashing it by stating such increases and in the small print saying they are getting rid of commercial based pricing. That's a 28% increase folks! International up a whopping 10% to 22%. The average increase on a 1 pound package is $5 and on 4 pounds $12. In that light I will be raising rates to cover my costs. You will see this increase early this week before rates officially go in to affect as I won't be able to ship everything before they do. Sorry

1/11/2016: Over the weekend I added a few dozen new items including mostly caps, some new heat sinks and a repair kit for Williams System 3-6 sounds boards.

December 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Big Daddy Enterprises!

12/30/2015 Stock alert: Now out of stock of the Rottendog Williams System 11 board, and stock is not expected for possibly 2 months.
Also out of stock of the Rottendog DIS200, stock is due 2nd week of January.

12/28/2015 Stock alert: Now out of stock of the Rottendog WDP095 WPC driver boards for later WPC games. Stock is due 2nd week of January.
Back in stock are the Rottendog MPU089.

12/24/2015 3:00PM: We are closed for the rest of the day.


November 2015

I purchased a large amount of surplus electronics and will be adding some new product as well as lowering prices on some as I get to it. Diodes, heat sinks, capacitors, resistors and a whole lot of non-pinball goodies will be listed in a new Specials section.

Soon in stock, many of the boards by Pascal Janin!
Initially I'll have the Gottlieb System 1 MPU board, System 1 All-In-One board, and System 1 & 80 sound boards.

As in past years, Big Daddy will *not* be closed for the holidays except for Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

11/13/15: How exciting! Some new diodes! 1N4003, 1N4693, 1N6263, 1N914 and MUR410
11/10/15: Again out of stock of the System 1 MPU board to driver board harnesses with diode protection

October 2015

10/6/15: The System 80 MPU board to driver board harnesses are back in stock,
as are the System 1 MPU board to driver board harnesses with diode protection.

Updated 9/13/15

Greedy PayPal is raising rates by eliminating the "Merchant Volume Discount"
This doesn't affect the average seller, only the ones who do a large volume of transactions.
Great way of thanking loyal customers like Big Daddy Enterprises!
Unfortunately this will cost thousands of dollars per year and I can't afford to just absorb it.
Certain kits, parts and probably Shipping & handling will increase slightly on October 1st.

I have a few more Gottlieb System 80 MPU to Driver harness rebuild kits in stock.

More System 80 MPU to driver harnesses are coming.

Updated 9/1/15

Welcome to September! Look for a lot of interesting changes & additions to the site this month.

We have in stock the entire line of available XPIN products and are adding them to the site as time allows.
If there's a particular board you want to purchase and you don't see it listed, drop me a line and I'll strive to add it.
XPIN builds high quality colored LED displays, power supplies and more, many unavailable from anyone else.

New 3-AA battery holder for Data East/Sega/Stern MPU boards

New 3-AA remote battery holder with 11" leads for any MPU board

Pinpoint Opto Flipper board 13311 temporarily out of stock, more coming.

Rottendog has abruptly discontinued their WAV95.
I will have some original working boards available, please inquire.

Updated 8/21/15

Rottendog DIS200 Red and DIS240 Blue back in Stock.

Updated 7/24/15

More variety and lower prices on the 15,000uf caps
New inexpensive 150uf Radial caps
New inexpensive 150uf Axial caps are on the way, Richey caps are not due until October

New transparent targets for Bally games such as Medusa and Elektra

Say It Again boards back in stock

Updated 7/1/15

We are closed for the 4th of July and will resume shipping Monday.
Have a safe and relaxing 4th everyone, play some pinball!

18,000uf axial capacitor back in stock

Updated 6/11/15

We're back online taking orders as long as the Internet stays up. If you haven't heard, last Friday morning at 3AM we suffered through a flooded basement, which happens to house my business inventory and personal game room. Thankfully most of the loss was personal items, no major damage to pinballs or inventory. Besides the water damage cleanup, the Internet here was mostly off until yesterday due to water saturation degrading my cable signal. We're up now, but there's been periods of down time, and we are due a technician soon and should be stable by the weekend. As of today Thursday, all back orders have shipped.

Updated 5/20/15

2" Leg levelers, SBA Coin door decals, and Alltek Lamp Driver boards all back in stock
The glass displays section has been updated with many more new and NOS items,
including the much sought after displays with no rear protruding nipple.
#47 bulbs back in stock after a short outage

Updated 4/24/15

Now in stock: AnyPin's anyPin DMD+ NVRAM Battery Eliminator.
The low cost version of anyPin NVRAM that will work in
all DMD pinball machines manufactured up to 2006 and more

Also in stock, a very limited supply of Harris 55536 CVSD ICs.
This is used on Williams sound and MPU boards and is a suitable sub for 55516 and 55532.

Updated 4/16/15

Back in stock: Know Your Wizards T-Shirts in more sizes now, Medium to 3XL!


The 18,000uf axial capacitor is out of stock until projected June, but if you
can use it, I've stocked a quantity of 18,000uf radial snap in caps by CDE

Updated 3/30/15

We are back from the Texas Pinball Festival and filling orders.

For answers on my shipping timeline & process, please read here:

Updated 3/27/15

Lots of new capacitors in stock including the infamous "Big Blue" cap found in Atari video games as well as in the head of older Williams solid state pinball machines. More crystals added, 7805 Voltage regulator added.

Updated 2/26/15

The 2015 issue of the Mr. Pinball Price Guide is on it's way, due next week. Taking preorders!
In stock and shipping 3/5/2015

New Rottendog DPS005 power supply in stock. I also added some new 2-1/16" coil sleeves & ball shooter sleeves.

Updated 2/15/15

We are back and filling orders. Please note Monday the 16th is a mail holiday.

Updated 2/8/15

Please note Big Daddy will be closed for business at the end of the day Tuesday (the 10th) resuming shipping sometime Saturday.

Updated 2/6/15

Rottendog MPU089 and DIS244 back in stock.
12000uf/25V Axial and 100uf/160V axial capacitors back in stock.

I bought out the inventory of a supplier heavily into the audio amplifier world, but many of these caps are also used in pinball and arcade machines. Some are limited stock and I won't restock, some I have in the thousands. (*denotes High Temp)

New electrolytic capacitors in stock: 1uf/50V radial*, 3.3uf/50 radial, 3.3uf/50 radial*, 4.7uf/50 radial*, 4.7uf/50 Bi-Polar radial, 4.7uf/250 radial*, 10uf/25V radial, 10/25V radial*, 10uf/50V radial, 10uf/50V Bi-Polar radial, 10uf/100V radial*, 10uf/250V radial*, 22uf/25V radial*, 22uf/100V radial*, 22uf/160V radial*, 22uf/250V radial*, 33uf/35V radial*, 33uf/50V radial*, 33uf/160V radial, 33uf/250V radial*, 47uf/250V radial*, 100uf/25V radial, 100uf/160V radial*, 100uf/250V radial*, 220uf/50V radial*, 220uf/50V axial*, 470uf/25V radial*, 470uf/50V axial, 1000uf/16V radial, 1000uf/25V radial, 1000uf/50V axial, 1000uf/50V radial, 1000uf/100V radial, 2200uf/16V radial, 3300uf/35 radial snap, 4700uf/25V radial*, 10000uf/35V radial, 10000uf/35V radial snap

Updated 1/26/15

New Rottendog Power Supply board WDP3211A covers Williams System 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11A, some 11B and Data East numeric games. Replaces WPS346, WPS079 and WDP011A. In stock and shipping.
and DIS244 still out of stock.

Brand new NOS Stern six digit display boards now in stock, limited supply. Works with Bally.

New Freebies: Keychain clips and keychain box cutters

A new pinball shirt in limited quantity, just one of each size: Know Your Wizards
I still have a few old Kansas City pinball show shirts left, but have slowly selling out in many sizes.

Williams/Bally Backbox Lock and Lock Plate Assembly

Sys 80 harness rebuild kits are in stock in three different lengths

Found some surplus NOS micro switches, commonly used in slot machines but also video arcade and pinball.

Updated 12/31/14

Happy New Year to all my great new and loyal repeat customers!
2014 was the best & busiest ever.

We are now closed until Monday January 5th.
Have a safe and happy New Year, and enjoy some pinball!

Rottendog DIS244 is out of stock.

Updated 12/21/14

We will be shipping most days as normal, but will be taking a break from the computer starting around noon on Christmas Eve (Wednesday), back to work Friday morning.
We will be closed New Years Day through the weekend.

Freebie update: Spend over $1000 and pick an Amazon $50 Gift card!

I have one and one only, NOS Gottlieb System 80B MPU board in stock. Email me for more info

Updated 12/13/14

Received a small stock of about 30 NOS Bally labeled 26-1200 coils.
Three NOS 7 digit alphanumeric display glass in stock
Original NOS Williams Yellow banana flipper rubbers in stock, limited supply.

Stock update: Rottendog PBB080 Sys 80 Pop Bumper boards back in stock due Wednesday the 17th. Stock is low on the RD Data East DPS004 Power Supply, and RD is changing to a new design that will be a single power supply board that will replace WPS346, WPS079, WDP011A and WDP011C. Expected in stock early January. (Edit 12/15). Only one DIS244 in stock and RD is out of stock.

Freebie updates: Novus #3 sample packs and screwdrivers back in stock.

Updated 11/05/14

Finally, Socket Sticks back in stock!
Bally mini flipper bats
in both black & blue lettering in stock.
New item Gottlieb 3" flipper bat with Logo.
I discovered the PLCC (ASIC) extraction tool was not properly added to the site.
New mini bulbs type #86 and #7381 in stock.
These are bulbs found in Creature, Twilight Zone, Mr. & Mrs. PacMan, Party Animal, and more

Updated 10/20/14

Added a few ICs to the site today (74LS47, 4068, 74HCT175, 74LS175) but more importantly, in the IC section I've worked on documenting what chip is at what location on certain pinball boards, I've covered Gottlieb System 1 and 80 MPU boards, and some Bally. Will continue as I find time.

Updated 10/14/14

Some changes & additions to resistors. New 1.0-ohm carbon film 1/4 watt 5% resistors, new 3.3K-ohm, 3.9K-ohm, 9.1K-ohm, 10K-ohm and 120K-ohm metal oxide 1/4 watt 1% resistors, new 1K-ohm 1/2 watt carbon film 5% resistors, and some random 10Watt resistors that may or may not be related to pinball/arcade stuff.

Updated 10/13/14

The vast majority of you were very patient while we caught up on orders received while on vacation, and I want to publically thank you. THANKS!!! It was rather refreshing to hear "Hope you had a good trip" much more often than "Where is my order?". To date everything received up to last Thursday (the 9th) has been processed and shipped, and tomorrow we'll catch up even more.

Updated 9/17/14

Big Daddy & Company was on vacation until September 16th and resumed shipping on the 17th. Orders will be processed in the order received, and I ALWAYS email when sent, and the PayPal payment is ALWAYS updated with tracking info. Check your PayPal payment for tracking information, if it's not updated, it has not been sent. Please do not email asking for a status, I expect to be working through the weekend catching up. If this is not regarding an order, I will reply when I can. Todd

All Rottendog boards are now in stock except for FLP023, but expected next week.

Updated 9/6/14

Big Daddy is closed for vacation until September 16th
I will have limited access to emails.
Orders received through Saturday morning the 6th have been processed & mailed

New Freebies Crayons and Solar Calculator. New Coin Button Cell Battery Holder Socket

Updated 8/19/14

Rottendog PPB001 (Data East Playfield Power Board) back in stock.

Updated 8/7/14

Rottendog DIS240 displays for Bad Cats, Black Knight 2000, Diner, Earthshaker, Jokerz,
Roller Games and Whirlwind are now available in Red, Green and Blue!

Updated 7/9/14

Lots of new ICs & STUFF added to the site today, many that are used in Atari pinball and video arcade games:

Williams ASIC chips for WPC MPU boards, as well as the PLCC socket and removal tool
AM6012 DAC (used on Tempest), AM27LS00PC RAM
4027, 4054, 4070, 4093, 4516
74HC08, 7414, 74HC14, 7421, 74LS21, 74LS30, 7493, 74LS125, 74F153, 74LS154, 74LS181, 74S201
Original Rockwell 6520s, 6118, MB3712 & M51516L Op Amps, TMS4050 RAM and more!

Now stocking 1-7/8" Flanged Coil sleeves

Updated 5/28/14

Rottendog MPU089 MPU board and DIS200 RED displays back in stock 5/30/14.

DIS200 in both blue and green, as well as DIS240 displays in Red Green and Blue are due within a week.

Now carrying the 7 pin .100 housing, and is included in the .100 variety kits with no change in price.

Updated 5/15/14

Rottendog DPS004 and WDP011A power supplies are back in stock.

Updated 5/08/14

We are back from vacation and filling orders as quickly as possible.

Updated 4/26/14

Big Daddy will be closed for VACATION from April 30th to May 7th.
New stock: 27K and 33K 1/4 watt resistors.

Updated 4/16/14

Inkochnito's new Bridge Board is now in stock and shipping. Rottendog MPU089 MPU boards back in stock.

Updated 4/10/14

Over the years especially the past few, the volume of my orders has increased to a point that mailing packages is all I seem to do. Effective today, I am setting a $30 minimum order for US orders and a $100 order for International orders. There are other reasons for this, if you're interested in knowing why please see the FAQ here

New replacement Say It Again board used in Bally Centaur machines


Updated 3/31/14

We are back and resuming shipping bright and early on the 1st, no joke!
Priority/Overnight orders will ship first, please be patient as we catch up.


Updated 3/25/14

Please note that Big Daddy will be closed for vacation
March 27th through April Fools day.
All orders receive to up to Tuesday 8PM have shipped.

Updated 3/12/14

Please note that Big Daddy will be closed Friday February 14th.

PinPoint's Twilight Zone Proximity Kit is back in stock, as well as adding a bracket for the Flash gordon Strobe board.

New product: Centaur Say It Again


Updated 2/8/14

In stock Rottendog WPCS/WPC Security MPU board as used in Corvette, Dirty Harry, Indianapolis 500, Jack-Bot, Johnny Mnemonic, No Fear, Road Show, The Flintstones, The Shadow, Theatre of Magic, WHO Dunnit and World Cup Soccer.

Also in stock Rottendog's Stern Whitestar Driver Board used on most older modern Stern games.


Updated 1/4/14

The 2014 Edition of the Mr. Pinball Price guide is now available.


Updated 1/1/14

Happy New Year from all of us at Big Daddy.

For reasons I only partially understand, you made 2013 the best and busiest year ever.
We hit lots of goals and set new records, many I think may be hard to beat!


Updated 12/24/13

The 2014 Edition of the Mr. Pinball Price guide is available for pre-orders here and delivery is still delayed. I have not been given a firm ETA.


Updated 11/30/13

The 2014 Edition of the Mr. Pinball Price guide is available for pre-orders here.

New items added lately include ICs LM741 Op Amp, 74LS93, 7489, 4081, MC14526/4526.
New 1.0K SIPs, 1/8A fast blow fuses. Also stocking 904 & 67 bulbs

Safecracker locks back in stock

Now stocking the Rottendog DIS011 and DIS089 display boards coming Tuesday


Updated 11/23/13

Big Daddy will NOT be closing for the Thanksgiving holiday and will be shipping daily as normal
Obviously there will be no mail service on Thursday
We will be eating turkey and enjoying time with family and hope you do the same!

Happy Holidays!

Updated 10/17/13

New stuff added today includes more springs (shooter & plunger types), silicone bulb caps in red and blue,
Nylon flipper bushings for newer games, 1408 Digital Audio Converter ICs
and NOS Motorola MPS-U45 transistors.

Updated 10/12/13

Big Daddy is proud to sponsor the First Annual KCAPA Shawnee Pinball Open
at Pizza West in Shawnee KS, November 8th & 9th, 2013

PinForge 5101 adapters back in stock. New Rottendog Bally/WPC Flipper Opto board FLP001.

New color changing LEDs in both 555 and 44/47 style.

Updated 9/20/13

Now stocking Rob Anthony's (Borygard) anyPin Non volatile RAM adapters.

Updated 9/12/13

Now stocking Rottendog's Data East DMD Driver board and Gottlieb System 3 Driver board.

Also new in stock 1/10th Amp slow blow fuses used on some Williams System 11 games.

Updated 8/24/13

A few NOS glass displays added to stock today, get them while you can!
Working on bottom fuse kits for Gottlieb System 1 games
Working on kits for Bally 6803 games, Alvin G, Game Plan and SEGA games too.

Updated 6/7/13

Rottendog MPU327s (Williams System 3-7 combo MPU driver boards) back in stock.
Now stocking Rottendog's -54 Power Supply board.

Many of you know I left 4 storage units in Reno full of game, parts, manuals, playfields etc.
All that is finally now "home", and what it means to you is more inventory added to the site,
and more used parts available (just ask, I might have it).

Updated 5/29/13

*** *** We're Back!! *** ***
And processing orders. Orders will go out in the order received with the exception of those that paid
for expedited service. An email is always sent when an order is shipped, as well as tracking
information udpated on PayPal (thus generating another email to you). Please do not email
asking for an order status, orders will go out as soon as possible.

Updated 5/17/13

*** *** Vacation Notice! *** ***
Please note that we are closed for business and planning
on resuming operations the day after Memorial Day (May 28th).
All orders received to date have been processed,
please check your PayPal record for shipping status
The web site will remain open and accepting orders, but
please be aware that orders will not ship until I get back

Leg Brackets back in stock new & improved design. New electrolytic caps added and prices lowered on many.

Updated 4/23/13

Now in stock: Alltek's Auxiliary LED/Lamp Driver Board (AS-2518-43), Brand new NOS Bally 6803 Motherboards, and five new Rottendog boards, Data East Flipper and Data East Playfield Power board, Bally/Williams WPC89/WPC-S Driver board, Bally/Williams WPC 95 Driver board and Bally Williams WPC 95 Audio/Visual Board.

Updated 4/3/13

Lots going on in the background, some new parts added here and there but mainly the new Williams System 3-6 and 7-11A power supply cap kits.

Updated 2/26/13

Once again in the midst of a major snowstorm. This one has thicker snow and more reported power outages. If power or cable is affected I will obviously be unable to connect to the Internet to process orders or answer emails. Despite the weather I've added many new items to the site including nylon coil sleeves, type 2181 light bulbs for the light tube in Bally Xenon, 4.7K Bussed resistor network for Williams System 11 MPU boards, 62256 CMOS RAM used on some boards, voltage regulators LM317 & LM337 used on Rottendog Power Supply boards, new lower price on 1N4763 diodes (from 25 cents to 15, 5 packs $1 to 70 cents) and new fuses 1.25, 3/16, 20 and 25 Amp slow blow. Double fuse blocks are back in stock, as is Krylon Triple Thick and new single bitted coin locks keyed the same or alike.

Updated 2/20/13

We are expecting to be in the midst of a major snowstorm starting sometime after midnight tonight (Wednesday) through Thursday. If power or cable is affected I will obviously be unable to connect to the Internet to process orders or answer emails.

Updated 1/22/13

The highly anticipated Rottendog Gottlieb System 80 MPU Boards and Gottlieb System 80 Driver Boards are now available, in stock and shipping today!

Updated 1/18/13

The US Postal service is really putting the screws to International customers by significantly raising their rates *again*. Giving a quick look shows that most all postage is up a whopping 25%. A 1 pound package to Canada is doubled. If you are an International customer, unfortunately my rates will have to increase in accordance. These rates go in to affect January 27th, and due to the simple fact I must have time to pack and ship, all my rates will be going up on the morning of Friday the 25th.

Updated 1/16/13

New Ni-Wumph Gottlieb System 1 MPU boards and Ni-Wumph Gottlieb System 80 boards!

Updated 12/12/12

New Bally -54 Power Supply board in stock today.

Updated 12/09/12

Flipper parts added today for Bally/Williams such as the nylon flipper bushing and the plunger & link assembly.
Now carrying desoldering braid wire. New Speed Racer Freebie available while supplies last.
Now carrying 2" leg levelers as well as adding the option to buy with or without a retaining nut.
New FUN item! In addition to lowering the price on the Pinball Fridge Magnet,
I now have an Arcade Fridge Magnet. Great Christmas stocking stuffer!
New: Genuine GE FS-5 Standard Starters in singles or 10-packs.
New #1251 strobe bulbs found in System 11 games.

Updated 11/22/12

Now stocking the Williams System 11 MPU boards from Rottendog. Misc other new items added to the site, as always, if you don't see something you need, please drop me an email. I may have it, and if not, I may get it!

Updated 11/01/12

Now stocking the two Bally/Williams WPC MPU boards from Rottendog, the WPC 89 replacement MPU board and WPC 95 replacement MPU board.

I've also spent some time adding list of compatible games for all stocked Rottendog boards

Updated 10/10/12

NOW AVAILABLE! The History of Pinball on DVD. Newly remastered with uncensored interviews and more!
New 10ohm 1/4 watt resistors

Updated 10/01/12

Now stocking the .156 crimp end used on double sided Gottlieb System 80 harnesses, 1ohm and 2.7ohm 1/2 Watt resistors and 270ohm 1Watt resistors common in video games, and a 470ohm 10 Watt resistor used on older Gottlieb EMs for the lamps. Just because I'm resistor happy, new 68K and 820K 1/4 watt resistors too!

Updated 9/23/12

Four more Rottendog boards added today! The Data East replacement MPU board , Scared Stiff Crate board, WPC Fliptronics I & II board and the Williams System 11B&C power supply board.

New Gottlieb mini flipper rubber ring added today too.

Updated 8/31/12

Big Daddy Enterprises is happy and proud to be offering PinForge RAM adapters, No more batteries!! A simple and easy solution to bad RAM and problems caused by battery corrosion. Check them out!

Updated 8/12/12

I have two one NOS 7 digit display in stock from an operator buy-out. Various new capacitors being added this weekend.

Updated 7/08/12

Back in the swing of things and will be shipping most orders by Monday. Thanks for your patience. Todd

Updated 6/28/12

Now carrying Rottendog's WDB008 replacement supplemental driver board used on some WPC89 games. Via customer requests, now stocking the LM338K voltage regulator used on later Gottlieb System 80B games, as well as some later Sega Stern games. Special purchase of 4 Amp Fast blow AGX and 175/1000 Amp Slow blow AGC fuses, and 25% price reduction on 3/4 Amp Fast blow AGC fuses.

Updated 5/18/12

Another quick update with more new parts. Replacement door volume control found on Bally games, 1N5399 diode, the 275V MOV for International customers, 150ohm/5Watt cement resistors, FQP17P06 MOSFETS and zero ohm resistors for those wanting to upgrade their Williams System 3-11 lamp driver section. Now carrying the LM380 Audio amplifier IC and MC1458 Op Amp IC used on many sound boards. New 1000pf/50V axial cap, and lower price on 1000pf/100V axial cap used on MPU boards. New Electrolytic caps 220uf/50 radial, 47uf/160 radial, and some other misc caps added today.

Updated 5/13/12

Just a quick update about a few lower prices on the 8 position DIP switch, the 3.57954 Crystal, Tee Shirts, 2N4401 Transistor, and 16 pin leaf sockets as well as now offering 10 packs.

Updated 3/27/12

Available immediately for sale and shipment are 12 new boards from Rottendog Amusement! Big Daddy is now carrying replacement boards for Williams System 7, 9 and 11 power supplies, Data East DMD game power supply boards, the nicely designed all in one Williams System 3-7 MPU/Driver board, many different LED display boards for Bally, Stern and Williams, and the nice Twilight Zone replacement clock board. These are in addition to the boards I was already carrying. The addition of these boards also brings some new code to the back end which will make it much easier for me to add new product, keep the site more consistent and easier to use, and ideally more informative. Thanks to my buddy Mitch for pushing me down this path.

Updated 3/21/12

Big Daddy & company will be taking a short leave of absence for the Texas Pinball Festival, being out of the office and not shipping orders from Wednesday March 21st until Sunday March 25th. With a few exceptions, all orders received up until Wednesday morning have been shipped.

Bally -18 Power Supply boards BPS018 (also good for Stern TA-100) are back in stock!

Updated 2/22/12

The new year is bringing a lot of changes to Big Daddy with tons of new product offerings. There are now many parts in stock that I bought specifically to support Atari pinball machines, 74LS series ICs, transistors and more. Lower prices on ICs 2101, 7400, 74LS00, 74HC04, 74LS04, 7442, LM3900, ULN2803. New ICs include 4013, 4042, 4175 (aka 14175), 4555, 4164, 74LS05, 74LS07, 74LS32, 74LS42, 74LS74, 74145, 74LS145, 74LS161, 74LS253, 74LS273. Some of these are for the Bally Auxiliary Lamp driver boards.

I have a VERY limited stock of 6503 Microprocessor used on Gottlieb System 1 and System 80 sound boards.

Misc stuff: Now stocking 100uf/50V Axial caps instead of 35V. Now stocking 1 1/2 Amp and 3/8 Amp Slow-Blow fuses. Also new is the 2N6041 transistor used on Atari solenoid and display driver boards.

Updated 1/24/12

The new US postal rates have affected mostly International shipping. I've temporarily raised the rates by a rough guess until I can really figure it out, the Shipping Info page does not reflect this. Much of it was raised by a whopping 25% or more, while US rates were lowered by pennies in some cases, raised by 50 cents elsewhere. In the end it's more. I'm not sure why the drastic increase, I love my International customers and hate to see this taxed upon them. For example, what used to cost $13.25 now costs $16.95. What was $1.75 is now $3.00. In addition to those actual costs there's the 3% charged by PayPal. Please be aware that I may have to invoice for additional postage when it goes above what my site charges.

Updated 12/22/11

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Big Daddy Enterprises! Thanks to all my customers for making this the best year ever.

I have ONE $25.00 gift card to Ace Hardware that I will award to the first customer ordering over $250 worth of merchandise, not including shipping. RGP members: please email me after ordering for your special rebate.

Updated 12/14/11

Now stocking Rottendog's replacement Bally/Stern Solenoid Driver board.

Updated 12/08/11

Just released and in stock: 2012 Mr. Pinball Price Guide!! Hot off the press! The best and most comprehensive price guide for pinball machines, baseball games and bingo machines.

Updated 11/22/11

Please note that Big Daddy Enterprises will NOT be closed this Thanksgiving holiday! Of course there is no mail service Thursday, and I, like most, will be enjoying turkey with my family, but I will be shipping as orders come in throughout the entire week and weekend. This is historically one of the busiest times of the year, so if your order is needed quickly, please pick Priority shipping upon checkout! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Updated 11/16/11

New Bally/Stern Solenoid Driver Board connector kit (thanks to Reto for the suggestion).
New lower price on Bally/Stern Regulator Capacitor kit.
New lower price on ICs 2101s, Soviet 6821s and YM2151 sound chip.
New item 120K 1/2 Watt resistors. 120, 150, 2.7K and 100K ohm 1 watt resistors are now Metal Oxide
Most 1/2 watt resistors are also now Metal Oxide.

Updated 10/03/11

Wow! Welcome to October! I can't tell you how glad I am to be back in the Midwest, and I apprecaite all your patience and support as I juggle with a stange schedule caused by unpacking, new projects and orders. It will be awhile before I start adding a lot of product & kits to the site, but I do want to let you know I'm working on it. Also today I'm stocking the new Alltek Aux Lamp/LED driver board.

Updated 09/21/11

As of today, I'm caught up with 100% of the orders received while in transit. Thank you for your patience. Most of the orders received in the last week have been shipped up until the past few days. Should be all caught up by the first of the week.

Updated 09/2/11

As of today, I'm caught up with 100% of the orders received while in transit. Thank you for your patience. Most of the orders received in the last week have been shipped up until the past few days. Should be all caught up by the first of the week.

Updated 08/18/11

We are now closed and plan to start shipping again on the 26th. All orders to date have been shipped.

Updated 08/16/11

The packing is going along fairly well, and most orders have been mailed. I do expect by Thursday or Friday that I'll be loading the inventory in to a crate and on to a trailer, and thus all shipping will stop until I reach Missouri. I've done this before, so I don't expect a lengthy down time, but ya can't pack & ship while you're driving! And I am taking a day off at Ma & Pa's

Updated 08/14/11

Got a bit overwhelmed with orders last week and I thank you for your business. All orders placed to date have been shipped. Tomorrow is the first day the movers arrive to pack, I will try to fill all orders if possible, but certain things such as rubber kits I won't be able to spend the time on immediately. I don't have time to update each section of the site, but please note I'm out of Bally P/S transformers.
Rottendog Williams System 3-6 Power Supply WPS346 back in stock!

Updated 08/08/11

MAJOR ANNOUCEMENT: Big Daddy is happy to announce that after 4 long years in NV, we are moving back to the Midwest. While the site will remain open and accepting orders, there will be some down time as I pack, prepare 100+ games, work with the movers, make the road trip myself and 'set up shop' at the new location. The predicted down time that no orders will ship is between August 20th to the 25th. I will do my best to fill orders during this move. Thank you very much for your business!!

Updated 07/28/11

Rottendog System 80 Power Supply GPS081 back in stock!

Updated 06/19/11

Special purchase of bare alligator clips and TIP32B transistors. New IRF9530 MOSFET used on Gottlieb driver boards. New 2N3791 transistor and T2500D TRIAC. These are used in SUMMIT slot machines. Super new low price on 16 Long and 20 pin SIPS. Lower price on 2uf/50V Axial cap. New 100uf/100Volt axial cap. I also lowered the price on the Bally sound board capacitor kits that uses those caps such as the Squawk & Talk kit. Finally finished the Bally AS2518-50 sound board kit. Happy Father's Day!

Updated 06/09/11

New AD1851 DAC IC used on WPC sound boards. Lower prices on the "Magic Eraser"

Updated 05/23/11

New 0.1uf/500V Ceramic disc capacitor for Williams System 1 Power Supplies. New 10,000uf/35V electrolytic cap for WPC sound boards. Actually, a lot of new caps and lower prices on some. 2200uf/35V, 4700uf, 3300uf, 47uf/50V, 470/50V Hi Temp, 1000/50V, 1000/35V.

New resistors 1Watt: 120ohm, 150ohm & 2.7K, 9.1K. 2 Watt: 2.2ohm, 2200hm, 1K, 2.2K, 6.8K, 7.5K, 15K, 330K. 10 Watt 10ohm, 5K ohm,10K ohm

Updated 05/17/11

Now stocking more bulbs; types 40, 41, 46, 51 and 55 commonly used in antique radios. LOWER PRICES on common bulbs for pinball, types 44, 47, 455 and 555. Added 330K 1/2 Watt and 39K 2 Watt resistors used on Williams 3-11 Power Supplies in the High Voltage section. More parts coming for the HV section and eventually a convenient rebuild kit. 2 Watt resistors now selling in 5-packs. Lower prices on Clear Plastic Fender washers!

Updated 04/28/11

Added a variety of new ICS today and a new AS-2518-43 Auxiliary Lamp driver board kit for games such as KISS, Centaur/Centaur 2, and Future Spa.

Updated 04/21/11

Alltek System's Ultimate MPU board, Ultimate Solenoid Driver board, Ultimate LED/Lamp Driver board, and Ultimate MPU Test boards are now in stock!! Also added a number of 1, 2 and 5 Watt resistors.

Updated 04/14/11

I'm proud to offer one of the lowest shipping rates out there with no minimum order, and I hate to have to raise rates, but the coming rate change is forcing me too. I mail a large number of things First Class, and now the USPS package rate is one set rate for 1, 2 and 3 ounces, and it's 50 cents higher than before. Of course heavier than that costs more too. I often ship Priorty when ground has been picked, and I did not raise Priority rates with the last increase in January, sorry to have to do so now to help cover expenses.

So get your orders in ASAP, rates go up Saturday at noon!

Annoucement: Due to customer requests, I will soon be stocking the Alltek System line of replacement 'Ultimate' Bally/Stern boards, including their excellent Ultimate MPU, Solenoid driver board, LED/Lamp driver board, and Test card.

Updated 04/04/11

New high tension (aka "red") ball shooter spring, and a lower price on the common one. Now carrying black and white rubber shooter tips. Added some Used Pinball items including twist in lamp sockets and flipper shafts. Added 22ohm 1/4watt resistors. For the heck of it, I have Bicycle brand playing cards in the Fun Stuff section.

Updated 04/02/11

Lots of new parts added over the past weeks: New 6116 CMOS RAM (no more pulls), a new Bally -18 P/S replacement board, lots of capacitors (33uf/16A, 1uf/100A, 10,000pf/100R, 47pf/200R, 1000pf/200R, 10uf/20R, 22uf/16R, the 12,000uf/16A for Williams Sys 3-6 power supply and sound board, and finally the 2.2/250 poly-metal spark arrestor cap for flipper assemblies), BA05T voltage regulator, and the 75ohm 5 Watt resistor for Bally sound boards. New lower prices on 1Amp, 15Amp and 35Amp Fast blow fuses and new 35Amp Fast and 1 1/2 Fast and Slow Amp Fuses. Lower price on the CD4050 IC found on Bally Lamp Driver boards. I also have a small quantity of generic leaf and micro switches available.

Updated 03/28/11

Great Texas Pinball Show as always. Here's hoping the guys continue making it a great event.
We're back in the swing of things and filling orders all day, thanks for your patience and business!
As of 5PM, more than 50% of the orders have been shipped, should be all caught up tomorrow.

Updated 03/21/11

Please Note: Big Daddy Enterprises will be on vacation Wednesday 3/23 for the rest of the week while the boss attends the Texas Pinball Festival. The web site will be open and accepting orders, but none will be processed until Monday the 28th.

Updated 02/19/11

Stocking the Nylon Base Glides or "feet" that are on the bottom of pinball cabinets & heads, often missing.

I've also added a new FREEBIE item for orders over $20, a Pet Rubber, plus a nice wooden folding clock for orders over $100 as I'm down to one free digital camera. --(SOLD OUT)--

Updated 02/18/11

I have a few tested & working Bally 2nd generation transformer assemblies.

Now carrying the Novus microfiber "Polish Mate" polishing cloth and the new Novus Buffing Kit.

I'm now distributing local Slot and Bingo machine expert Alan Marriage's Bally EM Slot machine and Bally EM Bingo machine repair videos.

Only ONE FREE digital Pocket camera left!

Updated 02/15/11

New items added recently: 8.2uf tantalum cap, many voltage regulators and transistors including 7805, 7806, 7812, LM1875T, MPS-6531, TIP-3155, 2N5296, 2N3905, 2N5551 and diodes 1N4739, 1N4760 and 1N5819. New KBP02 bridge rectifier.

Also new are 120 ohm 1/2 Watt and 120 ohm, 1.8K ohm and 4.7K ohm 5 Watt resistors. The observant will see that these are parts to repair the High Voltage section of Bally/Williams WPC Dot Matrix driver boards, assembled kits coming soon.

New .100 housing variety packs. ------------------> More stuff coming!

Updated 02/02/11

New cap added: 10,000uf/16V radial.

Lower price on 330uf/50V axial caps and 3300uf/50V caps and a super low price on 10pin .100 housings and 15pin .100 housings.

Lower price on Bally Squawk & Talk Sound kits and Gottlieb Sys 1 power supply Capacitor kit.

I now have in stock a few of Great Plains Bally AS2518-18 power supply boards.

New Gottlieb System 1 Sound board cap kit.

Updated 01/20/11

Added some new light bulbs today. Type #194 12volt wedge bulbs, the F-14 Beacon Flasher #1683 bulb (also used in Fire!), and the mini #86 bulb used on the Creature From The Black Lagoon ramp as well as Twilight Zone clock .......... Check out all the bulbs --> HERE <--

I'm now stocking many of the Rottendog replacement boards and updating the site when I can.

And if you didn't see the RGP annoucement, Big Daddy is now the ONLY pinball parts provider giving away FREE nose hair clippers with qualifying purchase!!!!

Updated 01/02/11

Thanks to those RGP members that took advantage of my Christmas shipping special, you made for a great ending year. Looking forward to 2011 with lots of new parts and kits being added.

New postal rates in effect that only affect Priority and Overnight delivery. Ground/economy prices have not changed. Please see Shipping Info page for more information.

Updated 12/24/10

A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours from Todd & Tracy and the dogs at Big Daddy Enterprises.
Enjoy the holiday weekend and play some Pinball!!!

Updated 11/21/10

Added type #63 flasher light bulb and lowered many prices in the bulb section.
New pocket knife in the Free Stuff!! (minimum order applies)

Updated 11/14/10

Lowered price in 12N10L MOSFET used on Gottlieb driver boards. Stocking the MCP130-450 aka DS1811 reset IC for Bally & Gottlieb boards. Now stocking 10K trimmer pots and 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface IC used on many poker/slot/arcade boards and Game Plan pinball MPU boards.

Updated 11/11/10

Added the Yamaha Y2151 FM Synthesizer IC used on Williams Sys 11 sound boards, as well as added used pulls of the AY-3-8910 sound generator IC used on Bally boards and many arcade boards.
Found in the IC section under Misc.

Updated 11/02/10

2011 Mr. Pinball Price Guide NOW IN STOCK

Updated 10/25/10
Updated 10/24/10

Price drops on many 7400 series chips, and have added a number of used pulls at a substantial savings over new. Price drop on Kester solder. New 5-Ohm and 330 Ohm 10-Watt resistors for the lamp flashers on Williams System 11 games.

Updated 10/10/10

Some new items added all around, chips, resistors, caps, etc. Now selling Gottlieb System 1 Game and Sound PROMs. Original Motorola 6821 PIA chips are getting harder to find, I have added a new equivalent CM602 chip. Now selling a decent socket for your 5/8" pinball leg bolts. I am adding items to the Used Pinball Boards area, today Williams Sys 3-6A display boards. Closeout price on 2010 Mr. Pinball Price Guides.

Updated 9/30/10

Big Daddy will be not filling orders for a few days until back and rested from the Pacific Pinball Expo! Was a BLAST. Best show ever! 420 machines, quality seminars, tons of vendors. I'll go every year if I can.

Updated 8/29/10

Shipping rates for my Canadian customers have been lowered approximately $2.00 across the board.

Updated 8/04/10

Lots of new stuff added & changed. New Williams logo Flipper Bats. I've added some more caps, including a smaller and cheaper cap for the Bally/Stern Solenoid Driver board. 32 Pin machine sockets are now available and I now stock the AD558 found on Bally Squawk & Talk boards. I'm slowly adding new and rebuilt pinball boards. Non pinball related, I've updated/added the PC games section, and I have a quantity of certain music CDs for sale. New lower prices on some items too!

Updated 7/10/10

New item: Kester 1 pound roll of solder

Updated 6/26/10

Pinball 2000 Network Card back in stock. New items added to Freebies

Updated 6/05/10

New 33pf/50V radial and 1000pF/100V Volt Axial ceramic capacitors, 4.7M 1/2Watt resistors, and new 2EZ110 110V 2Watt diode which is a suitable replacement for CR1 (2N3045) on the Bally Display boards

New Freebie for customers spending over $100, a free Digital Pocket camera!!

Updated 6/04/10

New Bally/Stern MPU Connector Kit added today. Fix that board RIGHT!

More battery holders added as well as a price drops on remote holders and on-board 3AA battery holders.

New 16 Pin long leaded SIP socket

Updated 6/03/10

New addition: Motorola 6840 (Used on Stern SB-300 Sound cards) as well as other ICs: Motorola 6850, 556 Dual Timer, 4030, 4053, 4490 (MC14490), 7403, 74H21, 7430, 7448, 74H53, 74H74, 7475, 7492, 74107, 74122, 74LS138, 74LS139, 74150, 74LS157, 74LS367, 74LS368, 74LS374.

Prices lowered on 723 and LM323K voltage regulators, IC 4049, 7474, 74121, 74123, 220uf/160V caps (use to fix DMD roll) and working on more price drops...

Updated 5/24/10

New addition: Gottlieb System 80 Power Supply Half Kit and Stern SB-300 Sound board Capacitor Kit

Updated 4/21/10

Added a few more capacitors today, some higher grade 15,000uf electrolytic snap-ins.
Updated many of the Bally sound board capacitors kits with more game info as well as
adding the Bally AS-2518-51 capacitor kit.

Updated 4/20/10

Thanks to all that participated in the recent survey. I am analyzing the responses and will take all feedback in to consideration. Congrats to Marty for being randomly selected for the $10 credit!!

Updated 3/29/10
  Back from vacation and filling orders as fast as possible. Your patience is appreciated as I catch up
Updated 3/10/10
  Please note Big Daddy will be on pinball vacation until 3/25/10.
Updated 3/8/10
  Gottlieb System 1 MPU to Driver board harness with diode protection now available.
Updated 2/23/10

Due to increased postal rates, I've had to modify my shipping rates to cover my expenses. I encourage you to buy more and take advantage of my reasonable shipping. I've actually LOWERED it for orders under $10, AND to encourage larger orders, I'm now offering FREE SHIPPING to domestic orders over $250:

Ground/Economy Shipping:
Orders up to $10.00 - $3.00 shipping / $10.00 International
Orders up to $50.00 - $6.00 shipping / $12.00 International
Orders up to $150.00 - $8.00 shipping / $15.00 International
Orders up to $250.00 - $10.00 shipping / $25.00 International
Orders OVER $250.00 - FREE SHIPPING! / $10.00 International

Standard Expedited Shipping:
Orders up to $50.00 - $8.00 / $15.00 International
Orders up to $150.00 - $10.00 / $25.00 International
Orders up to $250.00 - $12.00 / $35.00 International
Orders OVER $250.00 - FREE SHIPPING! /$10.00 International

Updated 1/27/10
I've been making some site changes. Comments, error reports and your feedback is welcome, email below.
Updated 1/25/10
  New item: 1uf and 2.2uf capacitors in various voltages, both radial and axial
Updated 1/24/10
  New item: Leg Mounting Brackets
  New item: Various Springs (Shooter and flipper)
Updated 1/23/10
  New item: Flipper Return Springs
  New item: MJE15030 & MJE15031 transistors for Williams HV display repair
  I've added a few Used items
Updated 1/21/10
  New item: Original Bally Repair manuals
  New item: New Heat Shrink variety Pack
  More Free items added (with $50 purchase)
Updated 10/11/09
New item: 2010 Mr. Pinball Price Guide in stock this week!
Updated 10/06/09
New item: 2009 Kansas City Pinball and Arcade Show T-Shirts now in stock.
Updated 10/01/09
New item: .156 housings in 2, 3, 4, 11, 13 and 17 pin configuration
New item: .100 housings in 6 and 9 pin
Updated 09/20/09
Taking Pre-Orders for the 2009 Kansas City Pinball and Arcade Show T-Shirts
Updated 08/20/09
New item: 1/4 Watt resistors in 47, 68, 560, 82K, 200K, 330K 390K, 470K, 560K, 680K & 1Meg ohms
New item: 1/2 Watt resistors in 47, 68, 5.K and 47K ohms
New item: 5 Watt 5ohm and 27ohm (Williams System 3-7 Lamp Driver replacements)
Resistors now sold in discounted packaging. Now instead of single resistors they are sold in 10, 25 and 100 packs
Updated 08/13/09
New item: Williams System 11 Fuse Kits
Updated 08/10/09
Please make your plans to attend The 2009 Kansas City Pinball and Arcade Show September 25th-27th, 2009 in Liberty MO
Updated 08/07/09
New item: 3/8 Amp Fast Blow fuses
New item: 1N5232A Zener diodes
New item: 74LS48 IC for Gottlieb Display drivers
New item: 1892 light bulbs
Updated 03/31/09
New item: ICs 6116, 6264, 6321, 6545, 6845
New item: Used pulls of 6821, 6502 and 5101s
Lower price on 2101 memory
Updated 03/25/09
New item: Gottlieb Coin Door decals. All five designs, authorized from PBR
Updated 03/24/09
New item: Novus #2 in 64oz jugs, a significant savings over the 8oz bottles
New item: Replacement Gottlieb Flipper bats

Pre-2009 updates to Big Daddy

A Merry Christmas ***Discount***
from Todd at Big Daddy!!!

For all orders $100 or over* received Christmas Eve through the weekend
I will issue a refund of 10%. For orders over $200*, 15%!!!
(*excluding shipping & sales tax. 12/24 through 12/28 PST. Refund applied to merchandise only)
Please note, like many I will be spending Christmas with family
and will not resume shipping until Monday.

Added a few Christmas fun items:

New ICs online: 2101, 74LS02, 74LS04, 74HC04, 74123, 74HC139, 74HC244, 74LS373, 74HCT373, 74HC390, 74HC4543, TMS5200 Speech Generator Added 11/12/2008

Special Purchase of Novus #1 Plastic Clean & Shine 2oz bottles
Reduced price for a limited time! Added 10/22/2008


New Replacement Bally Flipper bats in stock
Added 10/18/2008

New 2009 Mr. Pinball List and Price Guide now in stock
Added 10/01/2008

New Gold and black leg bolts
Rebound rubber
More Free Stuff!
PCB Board Standoffs
Super Glue
Mini Pinball Magnet
New Power Supply board
Bally Coin Door stickers

International Buyers Please note!
I am working on automating your shipping & handling costs. As before, extreme excess will be billed

US Buyers Please note!
I have added Ground and Expedited options, you will now need to choose your preferred method.

Now stocking ICs 7410 (Triple 3 Input NAND Gate), AY-3-8910 Sounds Generator and 4116 RAM
Now stocking 28 pin machine DIP sockets. 04/16/08

I still have a few Mr. Pinball 2007 Price Guides only $13 while they last.
I've stocked up on inexpensive Digital Multimeters
The last Pinball 2000 network card I had is sold, but I do believe I have 2 more "somewhere".
Email me if you are interested to urge me to hunt. 03/26/08

I've sold my RFM and have ONE Pinball 2000 network card available. 03/19/08

19 pin (.100) housings are back in stock at a new low price. This is the proper housing for connection J4 on Bally/Stern MPU boards. New 20 pin (.100) housings added. 03/14/08

New in stock are bare Display Glass for Bally/Stern/Gottlieb/Williams
and Data East (as well as possibly others).

I'm happy to report that a lot of ICs are back in stock. Received in the past weeks are 3081, 6821, 6800, 6810, 6532, 6502 and more. Due to increased demand and dwindling supplies, I've had to raise the prices on some, but some have remained the same, and even a few are lower.
Also, new lower prices on all Novus products! 03/07/07

In addition to the flat $6.00 shipping, there has always been an extra fee for International orders. This has paid for the extra shipping costs, but it means manual paperwork and a trip to the Post Office to stand in line as PayPal does not offer using First Class International postage. Today I've added Priority International as an upgrade option for $20, and hope you will take advantage of it. I will be able to process orders faster and thus you will get your packages quicker. As I learn the true costs, I will adjust the costs up or down as needed, I do not intend to profit or lose from shipping. For more information, please visit the International Shipping Info section of the site. 12/11/07

There is a industry shortage of memory and processor of the types used on pinball boards, mainly the 6800 and 6500 series. To compound the issue, many chips are "pulls", which isn't preferred, but better than nothing. Some prices have increased due to the shortage. 02/20/08

Added a small handful of Pinball and Arcade computer games 12/13/07

Molex Crimp Extraction Tool for Gottlieb, Bally/Stern & Williams housings. Novus #3 available as well as mini bottles 12/12/07

International customers, please read this Announcement
Limited quantity of Hallmark Pinball Christmas ornaments 12/11/07

2006 KC FlipFest T-Shirts available, limited quantity.
New Flipper Rubber colors in Green, Orange, White and Purple! 12/04/07

New items: 130K 1/4 Watt resistors, LM7905CT Voltage Regulator, TDA-2003 Audio AMP IC, TIP 120s and 122s, and ICs 4069, 7417, 7432, 74LS14, 74LS155, 74LS244

New: Mr. Pinball 2008 Price Guide now available.
Clearance price on 2007 guides while they last.
New: Inexpensive Digital Multimeter
Check out the new Search feature 10/31/07

New: 6802 and 6808 processors for Bally, Stern & Williams MPU and sound boards. Now stocking 36 pin .100 Molex header strips at a better price than the 40s. 09/18/07

Added cap kits for Bally Sounds Plus, Cheap Squeak and Turbo Cheap Squeak sound boards as well as a smaller kit for the Squawk & Talk.
New Bally/Stern Lamp Driver Connector kit. 09/21/07

New: I have a one time offer. For the first person to purchase over $250 worth of items
(excluding shipping), I will include a $25 Omaha Steaks Gift card. 09/19/07

New: 4164/4264 DRAM memory
New: AY-3-8912 Sound Generator for Bally Squawk & Talk
Lower price on Williams Style AAA battery holders now back in stock. 09/18/07

New Stern coin door decals, clear Bally/Stern high voltage
plates & caution stickers and new coin door plates

Please note the Free Stuff section!
I'll change the offerings from time to time. 9/06/07

New Bally Drop Targets (white only) 8/29/07

New Molex .062 and .093 pin extraction tools
New shiney Leg bolts and Leg Levelers
New .100 headers in 12 pin length 8/26/07

New LH-5116 CMOS memory
New Plastic razor blades 5/27/07

New Flipper Rubbers in Red and Black for Gottlieb games
Price reduction on Bally/Williams red flipper rubbers
Updated 5/16/07

Price reduction on ICs 7402, 7408, 7442, 7490 and 7437
IC 3081Transistor array back in stock
Updated 5/14/07

New items: Gottlieb Sys 1 and Sys 80 wiring harnesses
New item in stock: 9602 Dual Multivibrator IC
Updated 5/11/07

New item in stock: 7474N Dual D-Type Flip-Flop
New item in stock: 8 Pin .156 header row
Price reduction on LM-339 Quad Comparator
Price reduction on I Love Pinball Buttons
Improved, cleaned up & added to the Used parts area
Price reduction on 7/8" standard locks
Updated 4/19/07

The US Postal service is raising rates again May 14th. I have not raised my rate in two years, this time I must. I do hope you'll find my flat rate shipping, no matter how much you order, to be one of the most reasonable out there.
Effective 4/3/07 US Priority will be a flat $6.00
Canadian has also increased an additional $1.00

CEN-U45s are still on backorder now predicted for July.
Stock and kits may become unavailable as inventory is depleted.

3081 ICs as used on Bally/Stern Solenoid boards are becoming NLA and difficult to find, prices have been adjusted accordingly and inventory is low. 4/1/2007

Temporary price increase on CEN-U45s & related kits due to unavailability. Due March 2007. 1/4/2007

Happy New Year!
Some of the new stuff lately include the 2007 Mr. Pinball guide, 50 packs of the Molex crimp ends, and some fun with the "I Love Pinball" buttons. 1/1/2007


1.5mm heat shrink tubing now in 1 meter lengths
Added new .100 housings in 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 and 18 pin configurations
Added new .156 in 14 pin configuration
Added new Gottlieb Pop Bumper driver board mandatory fix & upgrade kit

Lower prices across the board on DIP sockets
Special purchase of Pinball 2000 network cards <Currently SOLD OUT>
Added TIP-107 transistors and STP22N10L MOSFETs 05/13/06

Due to a large purchase, I've lowered the price of the 15,000uf/25V snap in cap and associated kits. This cap is used on the Bally/Stern 5 Volt regulator section of the solenoid driver board AND the cap to replace if your Williams WPC game is resetting. 04/26/06

Added new 4A, 7A & 8A slow blow and 6A & 7A fast blow fuses to support Williams Sys 3-7 games. Added discounted 25 and 100 packs of the popular TIP-102 transistor. 04/24/06

Added Snap on heat sinks for TO-220 devices. 2EZ140 replacement for the 1N5275A is in stock. 04/12/06

Added 1N4735A Zener diodes and after a LOT of searching, finally
found the .100 housings in 23, 25 and 28 pin sizes. These are the hard to find
connectors on the Bally/Stern Lamp, Solenoid and MPU boards. 04/09/06

Soon to arrive is a sub for the 1N5275A, Williams WPC/WPC95 fuse kits and single mini fuses, new connector kits for the Bally Solenoid, MPU and Lamp driver boards, leg levelers, more rubber rings, power cords & MORE! 04/06/06

New Bally Coin Door Decals! These are absolutely GREAT decals that will dress up any game for just a few bucks. Pictures don't give them credit, they look fantastic and are of great quality. Both Regular and SBA versions available. 3/29/06


Added LM339 Quad comparator ICs that are used on many game 3/26/06

Added 3.57953 crystals that are used on Williams System 3-7 boards 3/10/06

Added 220uf/160V radial caps commonly used to fix
Dot Matrix Display "roll" on Bally/Williams WPC games.
Added a nice little Pocket Screwdriver and a set of File Tools 2/28/06

2006 Mr. Pinball Price Guide available
Added MPS-A06, MPS-A14 and MPS-A92 transistors.
Added 7/10 and 8/10Amp Slow Blow fuses 2/05/06

Price drop on Single Fuse Holders by 33%, and
added Three Position Fuse Holders at a great price 1/12/06

Added 2N5875 and 2N5879 transistors for those Gottlieb purists 1/08/06

New fuses added: 12A Fast blow and 1/8A Slow blow.
More logical 7 pack of 2N5401s listed (for Bally/Stern Displays) and at
a lower price! Price drop on the special purchase 1N4002 rectifiers. I also
started noted the different fuses as to what games they are commonly
used in, if you have input, please drop me an email, I would appreciate it.

New and used Playfield glass available for local pick up 12/17/05

Black, Yellow and Blue flipper rubbers now available! 12/15/05



Some price changes today: Increases on 723H Regulators and Gottlieb System 1 Power Supply kits due to market price increase. Increase in price on Remote Battery Holder kits due to the time needed to construct them (the PITA factor), but I'm glad to post some decreases also with standard fuse clips dropping 20% to 20 cents, and the popular TIP-102 transistor down to 60 cents (50 cents in 5 packs)


Some changes today: Added more diodes and zeners 1N4002, 1N5401, 1N5402, 1N4737A, 1N4744A, 1N4745A lowered the prices on some too and added 20 pin machine pin sockets .


Added Williams System 3-7 Interconnect kits , added new 1N4005 diodes , lowered the price of silicone ( Tools & Supplies ), slight increase on some ICs and kits due to marketwide price increases.


Williams style 3-AA battery holder now available!


Red Flipper rubbers now available! Cheaper 24 & 40 pin leaf sockets added


SafeCracker combination Lock! now available!

Fixed an error in the shopping cart for Novus, apologies if you ordered and it was left off the order, you were NOT charged.


Novus #1 and #2 added today


Please see new AA Batteries added


Check out the new Sound kit for Williams WPC-95/WPC-DCS boards added


Special purchase of 1" precut heat shrink tubing.  (Heat Shrink)

3/17/05 (Happy St. Patricks Day!)

Added a low cost soldering iron (Tools & Supplies