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Battery Holder Assembly

Before it damages your valuable MPU, remove that leaky NiCad now and use this improved off-board battery holder and your 3 AA rechargeable or non rechargeable batteries.

This battery holder assembly has a 2-foot cable and velcro strips so you can mount it just about anywhere in the head of your machine. Several improvements have been made to this new battery holder assembly. For instance, the holder itself is a nice flat pack which will mount much easier. The connector was moved to the MPU end of the cable so you can remove the MPU from the machine without having a long cable hanging from it. The 1N4004 diode was replaced with a 1N5817 Schottky diode, which has a much smaller voltage drop. The diode is mounted in the battery pack itself, so there's no more unsightly heat-shrinked joints. The long twisted pair of wires from the holder to the MPU was replaced with a 2-foot long piece of small-gauge speaker wire for a much neater appearance.

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Also, we now offer this holder in two styles: Holder #1 has a diode installed so you can use it for regular carbon, alkaline, or any NON-CHARGEABLE AA-sized battery. Holder #2 has a straight wire installed so you can use either NiCad or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. The actual holder is for 4-cells but I used the first cell position to install the diode, or wire, as shown here and here. You can also see how the batteries (which are NOT included) mount in the assembly (never mind that both photos are alkaline, it's just an example). Finally, the MPU connector comes with 6-inch leads and a nylon wire tie so you can mount it on your MPU. By using the wire tie, you can also offer strain relief to the connector assembly, as I illustrate on this Bally MPU board (again, just an example, never mind that the wires are not soldered). All you have to do is solder the red wire where the old battery's positive terminal went, and the black wire where the old battery's negative terminal went. The connector is polarized so once the wires are soldered in the proper place, there's no chance of connecting it wrong. Please be sure to order the proper style depending on the type of batteries you plan on using. Style #1 is for standard AA alkaline batteries and Style #2 is for rechargable batteries.

$7.95 Each
Battery Holder Assembly #1
For Non Chargeable Batteries
$7.95 Each
Battery Holder Assembly #2
For Rechargeable Batteries

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